Here Are All the Best Gritty Ornaments We Could Find

Lots of Philly Christmas trees got a little burst of orange this holiday season.

My very own Gritty ornament.

This was a special year for Christmas in Philadelphia, because this was the first year many of our Christmas trees were graced with little Gritties.

Rest assured it’s a tradition that will continue into our future, whether we order our Gritty ornaments on Etsy, purchase the official jawns, or make them ourselves. (Personally, I attended a make-your-own-Gritty-ornament party, where we filled clear bulbs with orange confetti and used a hot glue gun to attach googly eyes.)

We present: the best Gritty ornaments of 2018. See how yours stacks up.

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Holy crap, you guys! The reaction to these Gritty-themed ornaments has been CRAZY! By popular demand, I’ve expanded the selection of Gritty Christmas ornaments, which are all up and available on Etsy for a limited time! ⁣ ⁣ Many thanks to the vibrant and slightly insane Gritty-obsessed community that has supported me with their purchases! May the spirit of Gritty grace your Christmas tree forever. ⁣ ⁣ #gritty #grittygang #teamgritty #grittynhl #grittyforever #grittyforpresident #grittyforpresident2020 #grittyflyers #flyers #philadelphiaflyers #philadelphia #philly #phillyphilly #christmasornaments #grittychristmas #grittychristmasornament #grittyornament #phillychristmas #philadelphiachristmas @grittyphilly @grittynhl

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