The Best and Worst Moments from Trump’s Philly Visit

Featuring witches, the president's signature braggadocio, some thoroughly uncreative insults from Trump supporters -- oh, and yes, Gritty.

trump philly protest

Photo by Claire Sasko

Happy Wednesday, Philly. If you’re reading this, you made it through President Donald Trump‘s appearance in Philly on Tuesday. His presence, of course, prompted demonstrations, snarled traffic, and inspired the creation of at least three beloved Gritty-themed protest signs.

If you’re just catching up now, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a video of Trump’s afternoon speech at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s annual gathering, which was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. (Spoiler: it’s mostly just him praising himself.)

And you’ll also find the day’s best moments (the Gritty signs, of course) and the worst moments (awkward standoffs between protesters and Trump supporters). Plus, some of our other favorites scenes and reactions.

Trump’s Speech reports that Trump spoke for about 38 minutes before a crowd of about 6,000 electrical contractors, electricians and apprentices from across the country.

During his speech, he boasted about his administration’s trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, as well as what he deemed “the best economy in our history.” He also said that the nation is “respected against like we have not been respected in decades.”

The best reactions to the president’s appearance

All Things Gritty

I counted at least three Gritty signs at the protest.

And there was also plenty of Gritty-related chanting.

Lesson learned? Gritty, our new Flyers mascot, has been adopted as a symbol of the resistance.

We’re not quite sure how he himself will feel about this, given that he sort of resembles Trump. But Philly is on board.

Brief Standoffs

There were at least two moments of tension between Trump protesters and Trump supporters. The first occurred in the beginning of the march, around 2 p.m. on the east side of City Hall, when some guy kept yelling at protesters, “Get a job.”

Then, as Trump’s speech wrapped up and convention attendees flooded the streets, a few more standoffs occurred, with a few more people yelling at protesters to “Get a job.”

It seemed to be the insult of choice.

trump protest

Photo by Claire Sasko

There were also a few anti-Trump witches …

trump protest

Photo by Claire Sasko

And plenty of Brett Kavanaugh-related signage.

trump protest

Photo by Claire Sasko

And when it was all over, people were pretty relieved. For the most part.