Someone Actually Paid $300 for a Bud Light Philly Philly Pack on eBay

After some stores sold out of the Eagles Super Bowl–themed packs almost immediately, they began showing up on the auction site — one is currently listed for an eye-popping $700.

bud light philly philly

This Bud Light Philly Philly pack, which (reportedly) contains Eagles tickets, is going for $700 on eBay. | Screenshot via eBay

If you grabbed one of the limited-edition Bud Light Philly Philly packs when they went on sale last week, consider yourself extremely lucky.

A quick scan of Twitter will show you that a lot of people weren’t so fortunate.

Eagles fans in Philly — and across the world — are fuming over how hard it is to get their hands on one.

Here’s the deal: AB InBev produced just 20,418 Bud Light Philly Philly packs, which were to cost $29.99 and go on sale at 4 p.m. on August 16th. The company didn’t release a list of places where Eagles fans could buy the pack — it said only that they were solely available in stores (not online) in the Philadelphia area.

The quantity, 20,418, corresponds to the date of the Eagles Super Bowl win (February 4th, 2018), as Bud Light advertised. But considering supply and demand, it’s also a genius marketing ploy.

Less than an hour after the packs went on sale, demand was high. Twitter users started complaining that they were impossible to find.

Some said they simply couldn’t find a store that carried them. Others said stores near them sold out immediately. And then people started lamenting that retailers were increasing the price of the product.

Soon enough, people started pointing out that the packs suddenly were available online: On eBay. For as much as $700.

To be fair, the $700 pack includes a pair of tickets to the Eagles’ first regular season game against the Atlanta Falcons on September 6th (or at least that’s what the eBay user claims). Just eight of the Bud Light Philly Philly packs produced and sold contained these tickets, in another genius marketing ploy that might remind you of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.

Browse the rest of eBay, and you’ll see that the average Philly Philly pack has been selling for $100 to $300 — or you can try bidding for a cheaper price. (Good luck.)

Otherwise, it’s not clear if, or where, you can still buy the Philly Philly packs in stores. Bud Light did not immediately respond to an inquiry on Wednesday morning.

The company is also taking some flak over the fact that the product isn’t quite what was promised: reports that press materials had claimed that the pack’s two glasses would feature an etch of the legendary “Philly Special” play — but Twitter users noted no such thing.

The company told the publication that the Philly Special play is still printed on the back of the packs, as advertised, and that it “regrets any confusion this may have caused.”

But most Eagles fans, it seems, would’ve been happy to get their hands on a Philly Philly pack at all — etch or no etch.

We just wonder how much they’ll end up going for on eBay.