The Sheetz vs. Wawa Documentary We All Need Is in the Works

“We settle this here. We settle this now,” says Pittsburgh-based filmmaker Matthew Fridg.

Sheetz vs. Wawa: The Movie.

In terms of ongoing Pennsylvania debates, the battle for convenience store supremacy between Wawa and Sheetz is right up there with classic commonwealth conundrums like Wise or Herr’s, “youse” versus “yinz,” and Stallone against Van Damme.

We all know here in Philadelphia that Wawa is king – even if the quality of its hoagies has taken a nosedive recently. But yokels out in the western part of the state still maintain that Sheetz is the better spot for late-night munchies or the first coffee of the day.

Boldly attempting to settle this heated argument once and for all, Pittsburgh-based filmmaker Matthew Fridg will release Sheetz vs. Wawa: The Movie in 2019. The 37-year-old was born and bred in Sheetz territory, but he insists that his film will take an unbiased approach to answering which store is tops.

“Sheetz started in western Pennsylvania, Wawa on the eastern side of the state,” the film’s promo materials begin. “Decades later, each has grown to be a full service, one stop shop. Like two squirrels fighting for the last acorn before the winter snows, the friendly rivalry between Sheetz and Wawa lovers has seeped deep into the culture of the region. It’s the kind of thing you ask on the first date. Parents hope to pass their own affiliation down to their children. Team Sheetz or Team Wawa? But if you ask the people in the area, you can’t have it both ways.”

If you have a particularly strong view on the Sheetz vs. Wawa debate and are interested in potentially appearing in the documentary, you can submit your story for consideration here.