WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Visits Philly Family for Surprise Dinner Party

They ate salmon cheesesteaks. That’s right, salmon cheesesteaks.

Jimmy Fallon surprised one lucky Philly family on Tuesday night for a surprise dinner party.

The Tonight Show host and The Roots emcee Black Thought enjoyed a home-cooked meal with the Moore family in Northeast Philly. Because this is Philly, they ate cheesesteaks (and Ruffles). But here’s the catch: they were salmon cheesesteaks.

We know what you’re thinking: salmon cheesesteaks? What? The host chef, Rodney Moore, said he doesn’t eat meat anymore — he’s pescatarian. So he cooked up a steak with salmon, broccoli, spinach, onions and peppers. And Fallon loved it.

See for yourself. Fallon broadcast the whole dinner on Facebook Live:

After the meal, Fallon played a little NBA jam.

Khadijah J-Moore, Rodney’s wife, shared the video on Facebook on Thursday: