WATCH: Nick Foles Goes 2-for-3 on “Ellen”

Our Super Bowl MVP attempts to hit moving targets to win the audience a prize.

ellen show, nick foles

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

There’s no shortage of celebrity love for Nick Foles.

On Monday, we told you that actor Matthew McConaughey, a fellow Texas native, took out a full-page newspaper ad to congratulate our Super Bowl MVP. Now, Foles is appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

The show will air on NBC at 2 p.m. on Tuesday – but lucky for you, you can watch it ahead of time on Ellentube.

What to expect in Foles’ first sit-down interview since the big game? He brings out the Lombardi Trophy, talks about what’s next (“All I want to do is be with my wife and be with my daughter”) and what he did after the Super Bowl (“Did not sleep for three days”), as well as his decision to play football again (“The joy came back to my heart”).

Oh, and he wins the entire audience BeatsX headphones by throwing a football at two moving targets. Because this is Saint Nick, of course, king of the Philly Special.

See for yourself: