You Can Still Get a Hotel Room in Philly for the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

Here's what you need to know.

You can still score a room at the Warwick. (Photo via Google Maps)

The city says it expects two or three million people to descend upon Philadelphia for the Eagles Super Bowl parade on Thursday. So it’s not surprising that it’s dang hard to find a hotel room. But it’s not impossible.

As of Wednesday early afternoon, you could still score a hotel room for Wednesday night at the lovely Warwick Hotel in Rittenhouse Square for $368 through the website Hotwire. It’s one of their “Hot Rate” secret deals, where you don’t know the name of the hotel until you buy it.

But we have it on good authority that their “4-star Boutique Hotel in Center City West – Rittenhouse Square” is the Warwick. That same hotel room for Wednesday night was going for less than $300 less than 24 hours ago. And heck, if it’s not the Warwick, you won’t be crying if it’s the Palomar, the Sofitel or the Rittenhouse Hotel, right?

If you want to stay just on Thursday night, Hotwire has a Rittenhouse Square 4-star hotel offer for $210 for the night.

If you want to stay both nights — and you have to stay both to get the following deals — you can either pick between the Warwick’s posted rate of $624 per night (this is the only published, non-secret rate we were able to find that’s available for a two-night stay), a secret four-star deal at $518 per night, or a secret 4.5-star deal at $266 per night for a different hotel in the Rittenhouse neighborhood.

Of all of the major travel sites we checked, Hotwire definitely seems to have the most inventory as of Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday night, Priceline, Travelocity, and Orbitz had absolutely nothing close to Center City (if you really want to sleep in Mount Laurel or Bensalem, you can definitely do that), but then on Wednesday, the Sheraton Center City popped up on Priceline for $384 for Wednesday night. No availability there on Thursday, according to Priceline.

The hotel situation for the Super Bowl parade in Philadelphia is changing rapidly in all directions, so keep checking the sites. You can also try calling hotels directly, but we just got off the phone with the Warwick reservation desk, and they claim that the hotel is entirely sold out. So the Internet is probably your friend in this case.

And don’t forget about AirBnb. On Wednesday morning, we found a good selection of cheap places to stay, including a $50 private room in a woman’s house in South Philly not far from Broad Street. Not a four-star hotel, but if you’re just looking to avoid dealing with the insanity of getting into and out of the city on Thursday, you could do a lot worse.