The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Purr-fection in Fishtown

Watch your back, Mural Arts; there’s a new wall baller in town.

Photo courtesy of Danielle Wong.

We don’t say this very often or very loudly, but … you know those Mural Arts murals? We don’t like them much. Their earnestness can be so off-putting. They’re so busy! And way too many conjure awkward memories of Commie propaganda from the 1960s USSR. Which is why we’re so happy that there’s now some competition in town. This week, V.U.R.T. (it stands for “Visual Urban Renewal & Transformation”), the cheeky nonprofit behind that wink-wink wall painting of a squirrel gnawing on a SEPTA token, unveiled the latest in its “Welcome to” neighborhood-gateway series: this sly, stylish feline fresco. “If I were a cat, what better place to hang out than a place called Fishtown?” muralist Evan Lovett noted of his inspiration for the work. Speaking of inspiration: Um, Mural Arts? Consider the art gauntlet thrown. Oh, and City Hall? Something similar in the courtyard might do wonders for that major mouse problem you have.


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