Police Say Philly Cop Tried to Mail Marijuana

The 14-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department faces drug charges.

Yes, marijuana is kinda, sorta legal in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t mean you can just go trying to send it through the mail — especially if you’re a cop. But that’s just what one Philadelphia police officer did, according to a statement by the Philadelphia Police Department.

William Branish Jr., 43, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with simple possession and possession with attempt to deliver.

According to police, Internal Affairs launched an investigation into Branish back in January after receiving a tip. Police say that the 14-year veteran of the department, assigned to the 26th District, tried to send marijuana through the mail using someone else’s mailing account at a local company.

It probably would have worked out just fine. We know plenty of people that get their marijuana through the mail. But investigators say that the package was returned to the company marked undeliverable, and another employee at the company wound up opening the package.

Womp womp.

Branish has been suspended by the department and faces dismissal.

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