DNC Guide: The Protests

Philly will be the ideal venue for those who have something to say (or scream) this week. Here’s who’ll be marching down Broad, camped out in FDR Park and swarming City Hall.

Illustration by the Heads of State

Illustration by the Heads of State

The Berniacs
Their deal: Sanders may not have won the nom, but he has inspired a contingency that fights for universal health care, fair wages and the deconstruction of big banks. Where to find them: The city has approved several permits for pro-Sanders events, including a four-day rally at FDR Park, marches starting at City Hall and a gathering in front of the Constitution Center.

The Minimum Wagers
Their deal: The “Fight for $15” cohort has been rallying in major cities (including this one) for more than a year. They—like Sanders—would like to see the minimum wage upped to $15 an hour. Where to find them: Generally,
they’re outside of McDonald’s.

The Anti-Fracking Activists
Their deal: These lefty environmentalists—known for being colorful protesters—are against drilling for fossil fuels and for clean energy. Where to find them: Thousands of people from like-minded groups are coming together for a march from City Hall to Independence Mall on Sunday, July 24th.

The Anti-War People
Their deal: The Facebook group organizing this protest is headlined “Who would Hillary bomb?” Enough said. Where to find them: A march and rally protesting war and calling for the release of Chelsea Manning—the former soldier who was convicted of handing over documents to WikiLeaks—is scheduled for July 27th.

The Anti-Police-Brutality Protesters
Their deal: Spurred to action by the killings of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown (and others), these groups call attention to police treatment of minorities. Where to find them: A rally titled “No One for President” is slated for July 26th at Independence Mall.

The Mumia Supporters
Their deal: With roots in Philly’s notorious MOVE activism of the ’80s, this group wants to free Mumia and all those it considers political prisoners. Where to find them: They’re joining a dozen other groups for a protest titled “Shut Down the DNC! Build the Movement to Smash Capitalism & Racism,” planned at City Hall on July 26th.

Westboro Baptist Church
Their deal: This Kansas-based hate group uses words we don’t want to make you read. Where to find them: Fred Phelps’s supporters—who are mostly his immediate family—will be protesting wherever and whenever, holding signs with vile, nonsensical statements. If you see them, just walk away.

Published as “The Philadelphian’s Guide to the DNC” in the July issue of Philadelphia magazine.