Worker Dead at South Philly Restaurant

Victim was found in the basement of Lee's Cafe and Bistro, her throat slashed.

Highway Patrol Images | Wikimedia Commons

Highway Patrol Images | Wikimedia Commons

A 54-year-woman was found dead, her throat slashed, Thursday night in the basement of a South Philly restaurant.

NBC10 reports police were called around 9 p.m. to Lee’s Cafe and Bistro near Fifth and Washington; the woman — a worker at the restaurant — was found dead in the basement.

“There is a lot of blood next to her body, there is some overturned kitchen equipment — a piece of kitchen equipment is actually laying on her body,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. “In addition to her throat being slashed, she also has some facial injuries.”

There were four other workers and five customers when officers arrived. Witnesses are asked to call police with information.

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