WATCH: Did Trump Diss Christie?

"Go home" video raises questions about the relationship.

It wasn’t necessarily an easy first weekend for Chris Christie as Donald Trump’s surrogate and ally — more on that later — but this might’ve been the low point: A video that looks for all the world as though Trump is treating Christie as an errand boy. Judge for yourself:

The Wall Street Journal observes: “The words could be taken as purely logistical, but they were framed by critics on social media as showing Mr. Trump being dismissive of his highest-profile backer, who at one point was a rival for the Republican nomination.”

Trump’s social media director said the reaction was overblown:

Maybe. The problem — for both Trump and Christie — is that when you sell your candidacy for president on the basis of being a rude, uncouth destroyer of all things politically correct, people tend to view your actions in that fashion. And it may not bother Trump, anyway: Rudeness hasn’t exactly hurt him with GOP primary voters so far.