WATCH: Northeast High Girl Turns Video of Her Beating Into Anti-Bullying Crusade

16-year-old Mia DeJesus declares: "I will not be a victim."

Images from Mia DeJesus' video.

Images from Mia DeJesus’ anti-bullying video.

Mia DeJesus says she was beaten unconscious in a Northeast High School bathroom last week — and to make things worse, her attackers posted video of the incident online to see.

Now the video is going viral — promoted by 16-year-old DeJesus herself, as a statement against bullying.

“I refuse to be held hostage by this video and my fear,” she says in a voiceover. “I will not be a victim.”


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6ABC reports that the four girls involved in the incident have been suspended from school; one is under investigation by police. Meanwhile, the video has reportedly been viewed more than 2 million times.

“All the people that have been texting me on Facebook and telling me their story, I feel like I did help a lot of people in the short amount of time that my video has been up,” Mia told the station.

The video — and the responses to it — can be found on Facebook under the #teammia hashtag.