Here Are Some of Our Favorite #Savesies Tweets and Instagrams

Philly Police said #NoSavesies. Philly did #Savesies anyway.

Photo | Brian Howard

Photo | Brian Howard

Philadelphia welcomed this weekend’s mammoth snowfall with grace… for the most part. Some people, however, defied Philly Police (and maybe Drake?) and engaged in some classic #Savesies maneuvers. Here are some of our favorites:

#philadelphia #nosavesies

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Classic Philly #savesies

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Free chairs at susquehanna and tulip! #19125 #fishtown #nosavesies

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The chair save @phillypolice #nosavesies 1918 S 19th

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My father: the human cone.

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Who saves a spot before they’ve even shoveled it? #nosavesies

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