McNabb Resigns From Fox, Says He Doesn’t Have Issues With Alcohol

Now some are asking if he should be removed from Syracuse's Board of Trustees.


Donovan McNabb went to Syracuse, and graduated with a degree in speech communication. Since retirement, he’s put that degree to good use, with a show on NBC Sports Radio and a job on various Fox Sports platforms, most notably as an analyst on NFL on Fox broadcasts.

But McNabb now has been convicted of driving under the influence twice in the last two years, and was recently sentenced to 18 days in jail for his second offense. And now he’s tendered his resignation from his Fox gig.

“Donovan McNabb submitted his resignation, which we have accepted,” said Fox

McNabb, who had been suspended in July after his second DUI, resigned from Fox Sports. He is still “on leave” from NBC Sports Radio, per Awful Announcing.

Meanwhile, McNabb recently appeared in Syracuse and said he didn’t have issues with alcohol.

“Absolutely not,” McNabb told “Absolutely not. Could that have been avoided? Absolutely. I’m not running from it at all. But is there a problem? Absolutely not.”

He was in Syracuse to speak at the Central New York Insurance trade show, where he reportedly made comparisons between football and the insurance industry. (This is pretty much exclusively what former athletes do on the corporate speaking circuit.) He also added he was happy to answer the alcoholism question after TMZ quoted a former teammate saying he needed “help.”

“Thank you for asking the alcoholism question,” McNabb told the website. “A lot of people make that assumption when you get caught.”

McNabb is a football legend at Syracuse, and has his No. 5 retired there. Some are asking if he should be removed from the Board of Trustees after his two arrests. He joined the board in 2002.

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