The New Hermes Apple Watch May Be the Gayest Thing Ever

A rendering of the Apple Hermes Watch.

A rendering of the Apple Hermes Watch.

And now in today’s edition of “First World Problems,” we present the newly announced Hermes leather band for Apple Watch, which will be on sale this October to adoring Apple fans all over.

Wired describes the Hermes model as having “three hand stitched leather straps (including Hermes’ signature double tour) and a gleaming black watch face.” CNN is also reporting that the watch itself will come in gold and rose gold.

Can we just say this is mighty, mighty gay? It makes us wonder what is next in line for Apple Watches: Louis Vuitton? Prada? Or, god forbid, Coach?

We’re sure that the line outside of the Apple store on Walnut Street will be wrapped around the block several times once this, and the other new Apple products announced today, hit the streets. We also have a feeling that this Hermes number will end up on the holiday wish lists of plenty of good little gay boys and girls this year.

And for those you who will wait in that dreadful Apple line: Godspeed.