Meet the Einstein Who Got Arrested After Posting His Pot Plants on Instagram

Just a reminder, kids: If you're gonna break the law, don't tell the world about it. Apparently, South Jersey 20-year-old Connor Kennedy never learned this lesson. Until now.

Left, the mega-brained Connor Kennedy smirking for his Winslow Police Department mugshot. Right, Connor Kennedy in one of the photos obtained by police via his Tumblr account.

Left, the mega-brained Connor Kennedy smirking in his DMV photo, provided by police. Right, Connor Kennedy in one of the photos obtained by police via his Tumblr account.

We see lots of candidates for World’s Dumbest (Alleged) Criminals here at Philadelphia magazine, but this week’s winner has got to be 20-year-old Connor Kennedy of Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Kennedy was arrested by the Winslow Township Police Department last Thursday for the seven marijuana plants that he was allegedly growing in an abandoned backyard down the street from the house he lives in with his parents. Of course, plenty of people are arrested for crimes like this, but in Kennedy’s case, he was arrested only after he posted incriminating photos online.

Police originally got wind of the plants earlier in July after “concerned citizens” complained about the illegal botany project. Damn neighbors. (We’re hoping they at least harvested a few plants before calling the tip line.)

Investigators with the Winslow Township Police Department’s Narcotics Unit set up video surveillance on the yard and caught on camera a young male dutifully tending to his crops late at night and in the early morning hours.

According to Captain John Leahy of the police, authorities soon landed on a suspect by name: Connor Kennedy.

So, like any good 21st-century investigator would do, police went online and searched for Kennedy’s social media presence. And what they found, says Leahy, is a series of photos on Instagram and Tumblr depicting Kennedy with and bragging about his plants and of him smoking the stuff, as apparently shown in this Tumblr photo.

Leahy tells us that in addition to the direct photographic evidence, police were able to obtain embedded GPS data that synced the photos up with the backyard in question. Kennedy was arrested and released on his own recognizance, says Leahy. He has been charged with possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute.

Kennedy was also arrested in Camden County in 2014 and charged with possession with intent to distribute five pounds or more of marijuana. He entered a plea deal on a lesser charge and was sentenced to two years probation. Unfortunately for him, this latest arrest occurred before that probation was up, and the courts have begun a violation of probation proceeding.

We reached Kennedy at his parent’s home in Sicklerville to ask if he would be steering clear of the law going forward. “You guys are fucking faggots,” he said, referring to the media at large. “Go fuck yourself, bro.”

He is slightly more forthcoming on his Facebook page, where his Facebook photo still depicts him taking a big drag on some type of substance and where he’s posted videos of himself drinking beer and rapping (his rapper name: Kid Charlamane). Here’s what Kennedy had to say on a recent Facebook status update:

FYI to everyone. I made a mistake. No one knows the full story. And my intentions. How everything happened. I don’t care about your opinion of me. The funny thing is. If I came to everyone saying hey guys I have weed. You’d all be hitting up to try to buy it. So everyone is hypercritical. If I was in Colorado this wouldn’t be a media story. It’s everyday life. Have your opinions. I don’t lose sleep over it. And for the people who pretend they know me. You make me laugh.

Laughing all the way to your probation officer, we guess, bro.