Ben Franklin Bridge Lane Closures Expected Into August

Only three lanes into Philadelphia are open, making commuting even more of a hassle.



The commute across the Ben Franklin will be more difficult this summer.

This morning, only three lanes were open going into Philadelphia from Camden, and similar lane closures are expected throughout the summer, CBS3 reported

The right-hand westbound lane will remain closed 24/7 for construction until September 5th as part of a two-year, $103 million PATCO track restoration, according to CBS3. The Delaware River Port Authority, which operates the Ben Franklin Bridge, is providing updates on the construction on their website.

The website also provides timetables for lane closures and other pertinent information regarding the bridge. Monday through Friday, 3:30-7:00 pm appears to be the easiest time to travel across the bridge, as four lanes will be open heading into Camden and three will be open heading into Philadelphia.

Fran O’Brien, a spokesperson for the Delaware River Port Authority, also released a new update specifically regarding the next two months backdated to Monday, July 6th. The information is available on their website as well:

Ben Franklin Bridge

On-going construction: There will be lane closures during both the morning and afternoon rush hours as well as during off-peak hours. Speed limits will be strictly enforced.

Travel to Pennsylvania: A single lane westbound to Pennsylvania will be closed continuously 24/7 from the NJ plaza bridge entrance and across the bridge span for approximately two months beginning Monday, July 6 through Saturday, September 5, 2015.

Beginning Monday July 6th to September 5
Morning rush – 3 lanes open each direction
Evening rush – 3 lanes open to NJ and 2 lanes open to PA
Eastbound to NJ – maximum of 3 lanes open
Westbound to PA – Daily and weekends – off peak from 9 a.m. overnight to 5 a.m. – 2 lanes open to PA

Turn up the radio, relax and sip some coffee, drivers. You could be in for a long drive across the bridge.