Roy Halladay Was Pulled Over Twice for Speeding Yesterday

The former Phillies pitcher's entertaining Twitter account gets even better.

Photos via Twitter.

Photos via Twitter.

Roy Halladay spent just four years with the Phillies, and only two of them were good. No matter. The two good seasons were so good he’ll be beloved in Philadelphia forever. His 2010 featured a perfect game, a Cy Young Award and a no-hitter in the playoffs. His was the No. 1 pitcher on the best regular-season Phillies team of all time in 2011. He’s a legend to Phillies fans forever.

Halladay, who retired after the 2013 season, now runs one of the more entertaining athlete Twitter accounts. He flies planes, posts photos of his dog and the kids’ baseball teams he coaches and talks about how much he loved playing for the Phillies.

Yesterday, he tweeted about a speeding ticket. Then he tweeted about a speeding ticket again. It wasn’t a double-tweet; he was pulled over twice.

This morning, the former Phillies pitcher re-posted a photo of himself on a unicycle.

Halladay’s only traffic vice was speeding, not even the worst driving infraction by a former Philadelphia athlete recently. But the advice Terrell Owens gave to McNabb applies here, too: Sometimes, Halladay should just call Uber.

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