State May Expand Smoking Ban to All Clubs and Bars

"We weren't ready to go non-smoking nine years ago. But today we are."



There are still places in Pennsylvania where you can light up a cigarette publicly — but it appears even those few places are about to go away.

The Pennsylvania House is considering a bill that would eliminate most exemptions from the 2008 state law that banned most public smoking. NewsWorks says the new ban would extend to all bars, hotels, and private clubs. There appears to be little opposition to the bill.

Stephen Kalinowski, manager of the North Penn VFW in Montgomery County, said he can get on board because his customers’ attitudes toward smoking inside have changed.

“Today, members expect a non-smoking environment. It is what they know and have grown up with,” he said.

“I can tell you, I was at the VFW for nine years. We weren’t ready to go nonsmoking nine years ago. But today we are,” he said. “And today we have, and it has improved business for me.

Vaping at those locations would also be banned, under the bill.