The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Philly Sports Hit Bottom

There's nowhere to go but up, people.


How many signs of the Apocalypse can one city take? Hard on the heels of the news that Chip Kelly had released All Pro lineman Evan Mathis, Tuesday, June 16th — a day that will live in Philly infamy — brought this: Joel Embiid’s foot isn’t getting better; the Phils lost to the Orioles 19 to 3 in a game in which the bullpen failed to hang up the phone, Chase Utley reamed out pitching coach Bob McClure on the mound, and outfielder Jeff Francoeur proved a better pitcher than the Phillies’ pitchers; the Union went to penalty kicks against a minor-league team; and a man we traded away for Andrew Bynum was named MVP of the NBA finals. Named MVP over, oh, nobody but Steph Curry and LeBron James.

Take heart, Philly sports fan. There is, absolutely, literally, nowhere to go but up.

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