People Are Actually Camping Outside Montco Chick-Fil-A

The North Wales location opens tomorrow. The campers hope to win free fast food for a year. Getting there early doesn't necessarily help their chances, however.

On Sunday we told you about Philadelphia’s urban chicken movement. Now for something completely different. Throngs of wannabe winners of free Chick-Fil-A for a year are camped outside a North Wales location set to open early tomorrow, hoping to be among the recipients of the fast food restaurant’s First 100 prize, reports NBC Philadelphia.

The prize of free Chick-Fil-A for a year is one the chain gives out every time it opens a new location, as it will tomorrow on Bethlehem Pike. The restaurant conducts a drawing of 100 participants who live within a designated area around the location, and also 10 alternates in case one of the original participants can no longer participate. Per Chick-Fil-A’s rules, hopeful participants must bring valid I.D. that proves their residence in any of the eligible ZIP codes. (Eligible ZIP codes for the Bethlehem Pike location are here.)

NBC also reports that around 90 people are already in line. If more than 100 people are present at the time of the opening — which is likely — the store’s manager conducts a drawing. In that case, Chick-Fil-A warns that showing up early does not increase one’s chances of winning the drawing. The chain runs the promotion as a means of welcoming in members of the communities its locations serve.

Along with the hype over free chicken, the new location will add 80 jobs to the area, as per NBC, and will also serve as the drop-off location for a book drive benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Penn Valley. Donations will be accepted from the store’s opening through June 20th.

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