9 Most Shocking Parts of the PSU Whistleblower’s Lawsuit

And we're not easily shocked.


James Vivenzio, a former member of Penn State’s Kappa Delta Rho, sued the school and fraternity on Monday over hazing. He is the whistleblower who told police in January that KDR maintained a Facebook page where members posted photos of nude, unconscious women, hazing and drug sales.

We’re not easily shocked, but we have to say, his allegations are pretty stunning. In the lawsuit, Vivenzio and his attorney, Aaron Freiwald, say KDR hazed pledges in bizarre and gut-wrenching ways — such as forcing them to drink their frat brothers’ urine — and that the university turned a blind eye to it all.

Here are nine other horrific parts of Vivenzio’s complaint:

The Description of “Line Ups”

Under what circumstances would a fraternity force it members to consume urine? Vivenzio and his lawyer explain the disgusting details of an alleged hazing practice known as “line ups”:

lineups 1
Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.44.36 PM

The Reference to the Roman Empire

Vivenzio also claims that he experienced severe violence at the hands of his fraternity brothers, including:

physical violence 1


physical violence 2

Vivenzio’s Explanation of How KDR Paid for Stuff

food plans:gang

Vivenzio’s Allegation That One Pledge Had a Severe Allergic Reaction During a Hazing Ritual

allergic reaction

The Numerous Passages about Alcohol

KDR allegedly took binge drinking to the next level. Vivenzio says there was:

booze 1Plus:
booze 2

Vivenzio’s Claim That KDR’s Secret Facebook Page Was Even Worse Than You Thought

FB photos:women 1

FB photos:women 2

What Vivenzio Said Happened When He Tried to Flee KDR

leaving:gang 1


leaving:gang 2

The Racist and Homophobic Comments Allegedly Made by KDR Members


What Vivenzio Said Happened When He Told Penn State Officials about KDR’s Alleged Abuse

Vivenzio said he has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his time at KDR:


And yet, when he told Penn State officials about his experience, he said they did nothing:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.28.32 PM

Penn State “strongly disputes” the allegations in Vivenzio’s suit, saying that the school offered him “extraordinary assistance on numerous occasions,” but “neither he nor his family were willing to file a complaint, provide documentation, speak with State College police or participate in pursuing the formal disciplinary process available to them.”

Read the full complaint below.

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