Are These the New Sixers Jerseys?

What appears to be the lettering for the new Philadelphia 76ers jerseys — PHILA and SIXERS — was posted by yesterday.

There are many questions about the future of the Sixers. Which draft picks are they going to get in the lottery next week? If the Sixers get just one draft pick in the lottery — as is likely — will fans be upset? Who are they going to take in the draft? Will the team be any good next year or are we stuck with another year of awful basketball? Why won’t Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil say the name of the arena the team plays in? Did his family once lose its fortune in a Wells Fargo stagecoach robbery?

And, of course: What will the team’s new jerseys look like? The Sixers promise an actual announcement on June 18th at the Wells Fargo Center (or, as Scott O’Neil puts it, “the arena where we play”). But yesterday, Chris Creamer — of the famous-if-you’re-a-sports-dork — tweeted out images of the possible new Sixers jerseys. Or, at least, the words that are potentially on them.

The Sixers had previously teased new jerseys in February, hinting they’d be a mix of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s jerseys.

These fit the mark, I suppose. They have the old-school PHILA naming on the home whites — used back when Wilt Chamberlain roamed the court for the Sixers — and appear to have a similar style to the late ’70s/’80s jerseys of Julius Erving‘s time here. (The current jerseys are similar in style to those.) As for the ’70s Billy Cunningham jerseys, well, maybe these jerseys will have stars down the side. “PHILA” has also been on the Summer League jerseys the past few seasons, and since the Sixers are the reigning Orlando Summer League champs … maybe they’re just trying to honor their most recent championship.

What would be disappointing is if the third jersey is just the red color swap. In the early 2000s, the Sixers actually had some interesting third jerseys. They wore the old Syracuse Nationals jerseys, these hilarious throwback split red/white affairs and this really cool red jersey with the 1990s logo basketball swoosh under it. Having a red (or blue, whichever isn’t the main color) third jersey shouldn’t preclude wearing throwbacks, but it’d be nice if the third jersey was something completely different.

What I’m saying, of course, is the Sixers need to trot out in their hilarious starfield jerseys at least one more time.

Whatever the Sixers are doing next season, we will get a look at the full jerseys on June 18th at the Wells Fargo Center. In other news, Stephen A. Smith has declared the new Sixers secondary logo, dribblin’ Ben Franklin, “corny.”

Well, he’s right about that one. Even if you like it, it’s pretty corny. Chalk one in the win column for Stephen A.

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