Sixers Tease New Uniforms for Next Season

Everything is changing for the 76ers. The team has now said it will wear new uniforms starting next season, a fusion of Sixers jerseys from the past.

It’s not just a youth movement where only one player who has logged minutes this year was born before 1988. It’s not just a new in-arena presentation. It’s not just a new mascot, Franklin the dog. The Sixers’ rebuild will soon also include new uniforms.

New Sixers uniforms were reported on as far back as last May by Shamus Clancy, and the Sixers’ tease seems to promise a fusion of the jerseys modeled by Wilt Chamberlain (late ’60s), Billy Cunningham (early ’70s) and Julius Erving (1980s). The Sixers won titles in the Chamberlain and Erving jerseys. The Sixers’ current jerseys are very similar to the 1980s ones.

The Sixers have done a fusion jersey in the past. From the 2007-08 season to the 2008-09 season, the Sixers wore a PHILA jersey like Wilt Chamberlain’s but with the swoosh logo under it like in the Allen Iverson era.

The Sixers have worn a little over a dozen uniform styles in their history, with a color scheme of mostly red, white and blue. (The Iverson era saw the Sixers switch to black road jerseys.)

We can only hope this is a red herring, and that Sixers are actually bringing back the ugly starfield jerseys from the 1991-92 to 1993-94 seasons.

But regardless of what they look like, let’s hope they’re not sleeved.

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