Guess Who Left That Loaded Gun at Cantina Dos Segundos: An Off-Duty Cop

A police spokesperson has confirmed that a female officer left behind a bag containing the gun on Monday afternoon.

On Wednesday, we told you that a woman had stolen a bag that contained a loaded gun from the back of a chair at Cantina Dos Segundos, a popular Mexican restaurant in Northern Liberties. Now we have learned that the gun was left at the restaurant by an off-duty female Philadelphia police officer.

Philadelphia Police spokesperson Christine O’Brien confirms that the gun — a Ruger LCP .380 semiautomatic with five or six rounds in it — was in a bag the officer forgot when she left the restaurant around 4:30 on Monday afternoon. It is not, however, her service weapon.

Surveillance video captured another female patron, who had been sitting outside, entering the restaurant and taking the absent-minded officer’s red bag from the back of a chair. In addition to the loaded gun, the bag contained a knife, keys, and a pair of eyeglasses.

Here’s how police have described the thief: “White female, long light brown hair, sunglasses on top of her head, thin build, wearing a light and dark blue horizontal striped short sleeve shirt, black shorts, light blue ankle socks, and black shoes.”

O’Brien says no further details are currently available on the officer or the theft. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Sheeron at East Detective Division, 215-686-3243.

H/T: The Fishtown Spirit