Meat Bandit Strikes Whole Foods South Street

He makes stealing thousands of dollars of food look easy.


Do you recognize this man? If so, get a dinner invite right quick before police find and arrest him for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars of meat, seafood and other overpriced gastronomic delights from Whole Foods South Street.

The Philadelphia Police Department has released surveillance video, below, that shows the man making repeated trips to the Whole Foods at 929 South Street, filling up his bag with food and simply walking out the door.

The first incident was on March 8th at 9:30 a.m., when he grabbed a bunch of meat from the meat counter. And on March 15th, he went back twice — first at 10 a.m. and again at 6:25 p.m. — hitting the meat counter again on the first trip and then the seafood counter on his next visit. He seems to have avoided the kale and quinoa selections altogether, making us think he needs to pay a visit to his doctor.

Police add that there’s more surveillance video that captures him on several occasions, for a total take in the thousands of dollars.

Anyone with information is being asked to call 215-686-3013. No word on whether the food was antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Watch how easy it is: