Diaz: Replace SRC With Parent-Led Board

Mayoral candidate springs idea at ed forum.

Nelson Diaz at his campaign launch. | Photo from Diaz's Facebook page.

Nelson Diaz at his campaign launch. | Photo from Diaz’s Facebook page.

Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz is proposing to scrap the School Reform Commission and replace it with a parent-led school board to make major decisions for the Philadelphia school district.

Diaz pitched the idea at a meeting of Pennsylvania House Democrats Monday at Warren G. Harding Middle School, NewsWorks reports.

If elected mayor, Diaz told the committee, he would seek a school board composed solely of parents with students going to a district school.

“I want this responsibility because nothing is more important to the future of Philadelphia” than fixing what ails the city’s public-school system, he said.

State Rep. James Roebuck (D-University City/West Philadelphia) agreed with Diaz’s “scrap-the-SRC” sentiment, but questioned whether Diaz intended his proposed school board to have taxing authority.

A Diaz spokesman later said the proposed board would not have taxing authority.