Report: Man Who Plays Sixers’ New Mascot Hated on the Sixers on Twitter

Darnell Enrique was no fan of our awful basketball team. Who can blame him?

David Dow | NBA Photos

David Dow | NBA Photos

Earlier this month, as the Sixers’ season continued its spiral into the abyss of record-setting defeats, ahem, strategic tanking, the team revealed its new mascot, Franklin, seen here surrounded by a bunch of smiley school kids. But it turns out that the man believed to be inside the suit is no fan of the team he has been hired to promote — or at least he wasn’t a few years ago.

This past weekend, some guy on Twitter who goes by the name of Brian Charlie Brown and has some 151 followers decided to launch an investigation into the social media presence of Darnell Enrique. He found Enrique when Franklin’s Twitter account tweeted a link to Enrique’s personal Instagram, which Brown deduced meant that he was the man in the furry blue mask. (The Sixers were not immediately available to confirm that Enrique is indeed the man inside Franklin.) And what he found were a bunch of old messages in which Enrique made it pretty clear that he was no fan of the Sixers, nor some of our other sports teams for that matter. He also revealed himself to be a Knicks fan.


Well, Philly sports blog Crossing Broad took notice of this, and then so did Deadspin. Enrique has since made his various social media accounts private.

As for Brown, the exposer of these alleged evil deeds, here’s how he has summed up the reaction to his revelations:

Surprisingly, no one has labelled this scandal Franklingate. Maybe there is hope for us as a society.

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