Comcast Makes $50,000 Donation to Tom Wolf

Money came after the election. Before, the company supported Tom Corbett.


Here’s one of the spoils of political victory for Gov. Tom Wolf: The friendship and support of Comcast, the biggest cable company in America.

During the 2014 gubernatorial election, Comcast threw its weight behind incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, despite early signs his candidacy was doomed: Vice President David Cohen even held a fundraiser that netted $200,000 for the Corbett campaign.

Now Corbett’s gone. Wolf reins in Harrisburg. And the money is flowing a little differently.

Public Source reports:

The largest single contribution after the election was a $50,000 contribution to Wolf from the Comcast Corporation & NBC Universal Political Action Committee (PAC).

Before the election, Comcast gave more than $100,000 to Corbett and then switched its support after Wolf won.

John Demming, executive director for Comcast’s financial communications, said Comcast supported the current governor in both cases, but could not elaborate further on Comcast’s political strategy.

Public Source says this is part of a broader phenomenon of campaigns continuing to collect donations after the battle is over: Overall Wolf raised $284,019 in post-election contributions; Corbett received contributions for $39,196 after his loss.

Comcast didn’t make the only big-money contribution to Wolf after the election. Public Source says, “Wolf also received $50,000 total from two employees at Philadelphia law firm Berger & Montague on Dec. 31.” The law firm did not comment.