Another Cosby Accuser Comes Forward

She had made an appearance on The Cosby Show.

Another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby, this time for allegedly making “unwanted sexual advances” on the set of The Cosby Show in 1987.

AP reports on the accusations of Helen Gumpel:

She said she was called to the show’s set for what she thought was another audition shortly after filming the one episode in 1987. She said she was brought to Cosby’s dressing room and Cosby had her sit on a couch and handed her a drink. She said Cosby then stood in front of her with his crotch in her face.

“I never thought of myself as a victim because I refused his advances,” Gumpel said. “But my career was a victim.”

Cosby’s lawyer did not comment on the new allegations. Gumpel faced reporters Sunday at a press conference in Boston, where Cosby had been scheduled to perform over the weekend.  He canceled, citing the weather; protesters had promised to demonstrate outside the theater.