Kane to Defend Wolf in Open Records Case

AG spokesman: "Our office is representing the Governor's Office."

Kathleen Kane may be in a fight for her political life, but there’s still business to be done.

Her office said Tuesday it will defend new Gov. Tom Wolf from a lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania Senate Republicans after Wolf fired Erik Arneson, the state’s new open records chief who was given a last-second appointment by then-Gov. Tom Corbett as he left office.

“Our office is representing the Governor’s Office,” Kane spokesman Aaron Sadler told PennLive.

Kane, of course, has been under investigation regarding her lead of private grand jury information to the Philadelphia Daily News. A grand jury has recommended she face charges in the case, but any final decision has been been stalled while she challenges the legal legitimacy of the investigation against her.

Wolf, meanwhile, has said Corbett’s choice of Arneson, a former GOP spokesman, politicized a non-partisan office.