Tom Wolf Does Weather Channel Interview From His Jeep

What better place to report on PennDOT's storm preparations?

It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand. | Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand. Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Gov. Wolf was on the Weather Channel Monday morning talking about the Big Snow coming to the East Coast.

He did the interview with AMHQ‘s Sam Champion by phone from — where else? — his Jeep. This thing is really not going away, huh?

“I’m driving on Route 83 right now in my Jeep,” said Wolf while discussing the effectiveness of PennDOT’s preparations. “I think it’s important that everybody feel comfortable that we’re doing everything possible to make sure that we’re prepared.”

The more important news for your life: Wolf said state officials are prepared to handle the storm. He said there is already equipment ready to go in the eastern part of the state.

“The snowstorm now coming up …  is going to affect the eastern part of the state more than the rest of the state,” he said. In response to a question about moving equipment to eastern Pennsylvania, he added, “We’re ready to do that. … I’m really focused on preparedness.”