DNC Decision on 2016 Convention Expected Soon

Philadelphia is one of three finalists, along with Columbus and New York.

American Spirit | Shutterstock.com

American Spirit | Shutterstock.com

Democrats will soon decide where to hold their 2016 presidential nominating convention, the Associated Press reports. It’s a $65 million undertaking, and party leaders say the decision will come down to “finances, transportation, security and available hotel rooms.”

AP assesses Philly’s bid thusly:

PROS: A highly walkable and historic city, Philadelphia has been the home to a variety of large events and played host to the Republican National Convention in 2000. The Vatican chose Philadelphia as the site for the World Meeting of Families, which Pope Francis will attend in September. Philadelphia has a booming millennial population, a demographic that Democrats want to capture in next year’s election. Clinton also has ties to Pennsylvania — her father was born in Scranton and she has longtime allies in the state such as former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, an ex-chairman of the DNC. Democrats have carried Pennsylvania in every presidential election since 1992 but Republicans hope for a breakthrough there.

CONS: Though the main political gathering would take place at the Wells Fargo Center sports arena, some smaller events would be held at a downtown convention center involved in a major dispute with the carpenters union. During the Republican convention in 2000, police were criticized for their heavy-handed dealings with protesters.

The New York Post, incidentally, is poor-mouthing Brooklyn’s chances, saying the city is too troubled under Mayor Bill de Blasio to serve as a showcase for Democrats.  Plus, the paper adds, New York fund-raising for the convention has been abysmally slow.

Both NYC and Columbus have made videos backing their bids:

A final decision is expected in late January or early February.