Kane Lawyer: Inky Reporters Are “Wrong Target”

Lanny Davis says prosecutor shouldn't be targeting journalists for leaks.

Kathleen Kane’s lawyer on Tuesday said that two reporters from the Inquirer should not be subpoenaed by investigators trying to determine who leaked information from grand jury proceedings suggesting that charges had been recommended against her.

The Inquirer revealed the existence of the subpoena on Monday. Tuesday, Lanny Davis said the leak should be investigated — but not by targeting journalists.

PennLive reports Davis’s statement, criticizing Special Prosecutor Thomas Carluccio.

“Instead of investigating the one or more sources of this illegal and prejudicial leak against the Attorney General, including his own office, what does he do? Does he issue subpoenas of the individual or individuals who are the most likely sources for these leaks? No. Does he initiate investigations of all the prior leaks coming out of his own Grand Jury investigation prejudicial to Attorney General Kane going back many months? No.

“Instead, he decides, after I challenged him publicly, to subpoena only the reporters doing their jobs under the First Amendment and arguably protected, to my understanding, under the Pennsylvania Shield Law. Is this an effort to distract from his own record of ignoring prior leaks and not getting the answers as to who is really behind these leaks?

Davis challenged Carluccio to instead seek a new special prosecutor focusing on the leaks against Kathleen Kane.