Two Children Injured in Falls From Pennsylvania Ski Lifts

The accidents occurred on the same day.

ski lift accident child falls

There were two near tragedies on opposite ends of Pennsylvania on Saturday involving children and ski lifts.

At the Liberty Mountain ski resort in Adams County, Pennsylvania, a 9-year-old boy fell approximately 20 feet from a ski lift. That fall was captured in this dramatic video:

And on the same day at the Spring Mountain ski resort in Montgomery County, a 5-year-old boy fell nearly 30 feet from a ski lift he was riding.

Fortunately, the children were not seriously injured and are recovering at home. It is unclear how the falls occurred, and both accidents are being investigated.

According to the National Ski Areas Association, falls from ski lifts are uncommon and deaths are extremely rare, with just 13 fatal accidents in the last 40 years. The association also says that the vast majority of falls can be chalked up to skier error, as opposed to mechanical or operator error.