Bill Cosby Tells Canadians to Keep Calm About Bill Cosby

Protesters are threatening to demonstrate at his three Ontario shows this week.

Bill Cosby is worried. No, not about the more than two dozen women who have publicly accused him of rape, sexual assault or molestation. Bill Cosby is worried about those fearsome Canadians and their fearsome reputation for protests.

Cosby is performing three shows this week in the Canadian province of Ontario, the first being on Wednesday night in the town of Kitchener, and advocacy groups in each city are planning to stage protests.

In light of the scheduled protests, Cosby’s team has issued a statement through a public relations firm encouraging calm.

“We have been advised that there may be attempts to disrupt tonight’s performance,” reads the statement. “If a disruption occurs, please remain calm until the matter is resolved and do not confront the person making the disruption.”

A representative of the venue in Kitchener says that seating has become “very limited,” with remaining seats selling for upward of $75 in U.S. dollars. Meanwhile, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has told press that she won’t be attending any of Cosby’s shows due to the continuing controversy.

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