Cops Deliver Christmas Baby on SEPTA Train

It's no manger, but it'll do.

Two SEPTA police officers helped deliver a baby Christmas night, on the eastbound Market Frankford subway as it approached its 15th Street stop.

NBC 10 reports the delivery occurred around 6 p.m.:

“When she was on the train I guess the baby said, ‘I’m ready to come out now,” said witness Toney Harris-Saunders who was on his way to see family for Christmas.

Harris-Saunders, a 26-year-old Philadelphia resident, said he called 911 when he saw the woman having the baby in the seat in front of him — calling the entire experience a “phenomena.”

“I helped relax her and a couple of other people helped her as well … told her to relax, to take some breaths,” said Harris-Saunders.

That’s when the cops stepped in. KYW reports:

Sargent Daniel Caban says a passerby told him a woman was ready to give birth inside a subway car. He and Officer Dorrell James rushed downstairs to the platform at the 15th Street Station.

“As soon as we got there, I could see the baby’s head coming through her sweatpants, and we just went right to work,” Caban tells KYW Newsradio.

“I was hoping for a quiet day, but this is worth it,” Caban says. “This is what our job about.”

The mother and baby boy were taken to Hahnemann Hospital, reportedly in good condition.