Check Out This Amazing Block by Nerlens Noel

In another rebuilding season for the Sixers, Nerlens Noel's awesome block Monday night is one of its primary highlights so far.

There isn’t much to celebrate about the Sixers this year. They’re 2-22, they blew an 18-point fourth quarter lead on Saturday and they waived a guy from St. Joe’s to sign a dude from Turkey. (On the plus side, Furkan Aldemir has a good name.) While the plan may help the Sixers be watchable in future seasons, currently Sixers games are pretty grim.

But if you struggled through last night’s blowout loss to the Celtics, you at least got to see an incredible block by Nerlens Noel on Jared Sullinger. It was so good, color commentator Malik Rose even uses an acronym (“sugar honey iced tea”) to convey a word you’re not supposed to say on TV (shit) after the play.

Noel block

Noels had one of his best games as a pro on Monday night, scoring 19 points on 9-of-12 shooting and grabbing 8 rebounds. The Sixers lost by 18. They host the 5-19 Charlotte Hornets on Friday.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]