WATCH THIS: Alec Baldwin Gets Schooled on Grindr and Scruff

Alec Baldwin and couple Toby and Brian on Alec Baldwin's Love Ride.

Alec Baldwin and couple Toby and Brian on Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride.

Let’s face it: Alec Baldwin hasn’t had the most glorious reputation within the gay community, especially after his rather grotesque homophobic Twitter rant back in 2013. However, on his new web series titled Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride, he recently provided some half-ass relationship advice to a rather adorable gay couple, and got schooled on the differences between Grindr and Scruff.

The premise of the rather absurd “show” is pretty simple: an unassuming couple jumps in a cab to find Alec Baldwin himself, doling out relationship advice (he claims he’s “licensed in the Philippines”). However, Baldwin is secretly wired questions and answers by an off-camera “expert” who is weighing in on the couple’s love life.

In this episode, Toby and Brian, who met on Grindr (they call it “an old fashioned love story), are the victims of Baldwin’s therapy session. In trying to differentiate between the various number of gay hook-up apps, Baldwin claims that Scruff “is where you send pictures from the waist up, and Grindr is where you send people photos from the waste down.” But, very quickly, Toby and Brian correct him.

Check out the hilarious interaction below: