Does Gov. Corbett Have One Big Bill Left in Him?

Republicans might use lame-duck session to pass bills before Tom Wolf takes office.

Pennsylvania Republicans continue to hold out the possibility of a “lame duck” session to pass GOP-favored legislation before Democrat Tom Wolf becomes governor in January. That’s two weeks after the newly elected members of the Legislature — and their larger GOP majorities in both chambers — take office, giving the GOP a chance to pass legislation relatively unimpeded.

Pittsburgh’s WTAE reports:

“I’m governor until Jan. 20,” Corbett said. “If they sent me something that said privatizing the state stores, they’d probably get my signature.”

Democrats are warning against Republicans trying that tactic.

“I think it’s inappropriate, and I think it’s unprecedented that we would do something along those lines, where we have an outgoing governor who’s going to join with an incoming General Assembly,” said Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Forest Hills.

State Rep. Mike Turzai, the incoming Speaker of the House, wouldn’t comment on whether he’d sign onto such a session.