Wolf Seeks Statewide Paid Sick Leave Law

Can he get it through a Republican legislature?

Tom Wolf

The Pennsylvania Independent, a right-leaning website, reports that Gov.-elect Tom Wolf wants to pursue a law guaranteeing paid sick  leave to workers across the state — similar to bills that have been twice vetoed in Philadelphia, but which appear to be closer to passage on third try.

A similar law passed in Connecticut has the support of three-quarters of business owners, the Independent report — but probably because it includes exceptions for small businesses and manufacturers. But Wolf may have a hard time getting that far with the proposal:

Kevin Shivers, executive state director of NFIB Pennsylvania, believes Wolf’s agenda — which also includes an increase to the minimum wage — will have to change now that Republicans built upon their majorities in the General Assembly.

While the election was a referendum on Corbett’s personality and inability to push through a conservative agenda, voters weren’t clamoring for initiatives such as paid sick leave when they elected Wolf, Shivers said.

“His best bet will be to use his political capital to fix the pension crisis and cut unnecessary and costly government programs like the (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) to help him get a handle on his most immediate problem – the state budget,” Shivers said of Wolf.

Wolf takes office in January.