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Paid Sick Leave


State Legislators Want to Gut Philly’s Sick Leave Law

A group of Pennsylvania state senators are once again pushing for legislation that would end local employer leave laws like Philadelphia’s sick leave policy, which […]


BizFeed: Amtrak Passengers Stuck After Crew “Ran Out of Hours”

1. Amtrak Passengers Stuck in Delaware After Crew “Ran Out of Hours” The News: On it’s trip from New York to Washington D.C., an Amtrak train surprisingly […]

City Life

Philadelphia Sick Leave Law Starts Wednesday

Believe it or not, Philadelphia’s sick leave law goes into effect Wednesday. Why would that be so hard to believe? Consider: Mayor Nutter vetoed sick […]

City Life

Wolf Promises Veto of Sick-Leave-Killing Bill

With the Republican-controlled state Senate moving forward with a bill that would essentially kill Philadelphia’s new paid sick leave requirements, Gov. Tom Wolf said he […]

City Life

Pa. Senate Tries to Stop Philly Sick Leave Law

The Pennsylvania Senate has passed a bill to pre-empt and undo Philly’s new law requiring most employers provide paid sick leave to their employees. KYW […]

City Life

State Legislators Want to Bigfoot Philly’s New Sick Leave Ordinance

Pennsylvania legislators met yesterday in Harrisburg to hone a bipartisan amendment that would vitiate the seven-plus years of work that went into Philadelphia’s sick leave ordinance by making it retroactive […]

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After 7-Year Fight, Council Passes, Michael Nutter Signs Paid Sick Leave

[Update, 3:00 p.m.]: Mayor Michael Nutter signed mandatory paid sick leave into law Thursday, just hours after City Council passed the legislation. “I think we […]

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10 Reasons Paid Sick Leave Is Great for Business

As business owners we sure like to complain, don’t we? We complain about collecting cash and the price of supplies and the state of the […]

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Paid Sick Leave Even Closer to Reality — Now With Nutter’s Support

A Philadelphia City Council committee has unanimously approved a bill that would require local businesses to provide paid sick leave to their employees. The legislation, which […]

City Life

Greenlee: Paid Sick Leave Will Become Law With or Without Mayor

City Councilman Bill Greenlee says his bill requiring Philadelphia businesses to provide paid sick leave to their employees is going to become law, with or without Mayor Nutter. Greenlee […]


Will State Bigfoot Philly on Paid Sick Leave?

The debate over mandatory paid sick leave in Philadelphia has been a lively one. Traditional liberals, which includes most of City Council, support paid sick […]

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Nutter Seeks Compromise on Sick Leave

Mayor Nutter says he’s seeking compromise with City Council on a bill that would require Philly businesses to offer paid sick leave to employees. Nutter […]

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Four Reasons Philly Business Will Find Things Tougher Next Year

So far, the outlook for 2015 is pretty good. Most experts are predicting a continued economic strengthening with even one member of the Federal Reserve […]

City Life

Task Force Recommends Paid Sick Leave for Philly

Saying it would “make a significant and honorable contribution to our quality of life,” a task force today formally recommended to Mayor Michael Nutter that […]

City Life

Wolf Seeks Statewide Paid Sick Leave Law

The Pennsylvania Independent, a right-leaning website, reports that Gov.-elect Tom Wolf wants to pursue a law guaranteeing paid sick  leave to workers across the state […]