Cops: Mayfair Tire Slasher David Toledo Slashed More Tires

Police say a SEPTA driver spotted Toledo putting a glue trap with nails in it near the tire of a bus. He's currently on probation for slashing tires in 2012.

David Toledo, a convicted tire slasher

When David Toledo was convicted of 15 charges related to a string of tire slashings in Mayfair, his lawyer had a novel defense: He was merely a Mayfair tire slasher, not the Mayfair Tire Slasher.

“The jury, by its verdict, seems to have found that he damaged some tires,” his lawyer said, “but to call David Toledo the ‘Mayfair Tire Slasher’ now would be unfair.” Toledo got probation for his crimes. Now police say Toledo is at it again.

Police say a SEPTA driver was sitting in his car on the 1600 block of Creston Street when he spotted Toledo near the tire of his vehicle. The driver investigated and found a glue mousetrap with nails attached to the glue side.

Police arrested Toledo; he was charged with harassment, possessing an instrument of crime with intent and criminal mischief. Police say at least a dozen SEPTA employees have had the tires on their personal vehicles punctured by glue mousetraps with nails in them. Toledo lives near the Frankford Transportation Center, the terminus of the El and a bus depot for many SEPTA routes in the Northeast.

“He’s sick. Something has to be done with him,” one SEPTA bus driver told Fox 29 about Toledo. “We think he’s nuts,” Helen Dowling told CBS Philly. “I mean, that’s not normal. The guy obviously needs help, like why would you want to destroy somebody’s property? It’s just ridiculous.”

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