PPA Tells Uber Drivers to Rat Out UberX Drivers

And it's working.


The Philadelphia Parking Authority has enlisted a novel army in its ongoing war against the city’s illegally operating UberX car service: the Uber Black licensed limousine drivers, whose customers the cheaper UberX drivers have been siphoning away.

The PPA, which has jurisdiction over all taxis and limousines in Philadelphia, is circulating a memo to all Uber Black drivers, the only Uber drivers authorized to pick up riders in Philadelphia.

Below is the full text of the memo. (Gegen LLC is the corporate name of Uber Black in Philadelphia.)


As you are probably aware, on October 17, 2014, your company decided to roll out UberX in Philadelphia. Uber did this knowingly and intentionally without acquiring the proper certifications and in violation of the law. UberX, which deploys unregulated family cars driven by uncertified drivers, is considered to be an Illegal Service Provider by the PPA. The Authority has responded, and will continue to enforce the rule of law. Any vehicle found providing this type of service is subject to a fine of $1,000 and impoundment.

Our enforcement officers on the street have been inundated by complaints from Uber Black drivers regarding the drain UberX is having on their work. We agree that it is patently unfair for Uber to offer your assignments to someone who is uncertified and operating an uninsured family car just to further increase their own profit margin. This disregard for your partnership is especially egregious, in light of all the certification requirements, training and vehicle financing obligations to which you have committed for this company.


Call the PPA-TLD complaint line at 215-683-9440 and provide the tag number, location and vehicle description.


Email TLDEnforcement@philapark.org. Include the tag number, location and vehicle description.

Help us help you!

And Uber Black drivers are listening. According to PPA sources, the agency has been receiving tips left and right, including videos taken by Uber drivers of UberX drivers picking up passengers.

Indeed, the Uber Black drivers must be suffering. I was a regular Uber Black user before UberX debuted in Philadelphia, but since that debut, and in spite of the fact that UberX is an inferior service in several ways, I have used the significantly less expensive UberX dozens of times, while my Uber Black ride count is at zero.

More than a dozen UberX vehicles have been impounded since enforcement began, and the PPA says it plans to impound more this weekend.

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