(Update) Cape May’s Missing Parrot Found, Unharmed

And authorities are squawking about it.

african grey parrot

An African grey parrot, the species of parrot stolen from the Cape May Zoo. | Shutterstock


[Update 1:58 pm] Brutus has been found, walking on a local roadway, unharmed. He did, however, bite two officers who tried to recover him.

[Original 12: 47 pm] Here’s the thing about stealing a parrot: If you’re ever caught, he’s just going to rat you out. Squaaaaawk-THE BUTLER DID IT-Squaaaawk!

So whover stole Brutus, an African grey parrot, from the Cape May Zoo in New Jersey — well, they’ve got to be worried that the evidence o their crime will also be the witness, right?

The Press of Atlantic City reports:

The theft occurred sometime between the zoo’s morning opening when keepers fed Brutus a breakfast of fruits and vegetables and 2:15 p.m. when they returned to give him and the other parrots their lunch in the zoo’s aviary.

When keepers went to feed the parrots Sunday, they found Brutus’ cage empty and the door latched shut.

“We knew he didn’t get out on his own,” zookeeper Janeen Moore said.

The search continues; the remaining birdcage doors are now heavily padlocked.