Wife-Killing Former Penn Prof Faces Civil Suit

Rafael Robb was convicted of his wife's 2006 death.

The former Penn prof convicted of killing his wife in 2006 now faces a civil lawsuit in the matter.

KYW reports on the suit filed against Rafael Robb by the estate of his wife, Ellen Gregory Robb:

Robb bludgeoned his wife to death while she was wrapping presents inside their Upper Merion home three days before Christmas, 2006. He then staged the scene to make it look like a burglary. Robb reportedly has significant assets the civil suit seeks to recover before he is released from prison.

Robb was nearly released from prison on parole last year, but a surge of media attention and the resulting public outcry prompted the Parole Board to reverse its decision. He is being held in Grateford Prison in Montgomery County.