House Passes Gun Bill; Corbett Expected to Sign

Law would let NRA sue cities for restrictive gun laws.



The Pennsylvania House has approved a bill that would let the National Rifle Association (or similar “membership groups”) sue municipalities for having overly restrictive gun laws. Gov. Corbett is expected to sign.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

Mayor Bill Peduto and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter had urged the House to reject the bill.

“In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, lawmakers have implemented ordinances and policies, such as requirements regarding lost or stolen firearms, and possession of firearms on city property, that address the issue of proliferation of unlawful guns while staying within the statutory framework set out by the General Assembly,” the mayors said in a statement.

“While any law can be tested in court, no one, much less resource-strapped municipalities and their taxpayers, should be singled out to bear markedly increased risk and cost for trying to protect human life.”

More than 30 cities across the state have adopted laws requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms. Observers expect the new state law will be used to challenge those provisions. But John Hohenwarter, state liaison for the NRA, says cities can avoid litigation easily:

“No community should have any fear of being litigated if they take the ordinance off the books,” he said.

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