GOP Flier Links Wolf With Gosnell

Republicans go after Dem candidate on abortion.

Newsworks reports that the Pennsylvania GOP is sending out a flier linking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf to murderous “House of Horrors” abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Wolf, the flier says, wants “to turn back the clock to the days when abortionists like Gosnell were able to commit atrocities without oversight.” Wolf has condemned the ad.

Stephen Medvic, a professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College, said it also has the potential to backfire.

“If some swing voters — especially suburban female voters — see this as a claim that being pro-choice is, in essence, endorsing what Gosnell did, they could be offended,” he said.

The strategy, Borick said, might be to rally members of the Republican base who are otherwise lukewarm about the incumbent.

Gosnell was convicted of three counts of murdering live-born babies, plus more than 200 counts of violating the state’s 24-hour consent law. Steve Volk wrote about the case for Philly Mag.