Center City Dunkin’ Donuts Robbed With Hypodermic Needle

Here's horrifying video of the incident.


On Sunday morning, September 21st, just before 7 a.m., a man walked into the Dunkin’ Donuts at 808 Chestnut Street with a hypodermic needle as his weapon.

According to police the suspect grabbed one of the female employees and threatened to stab her with the needle. The man opened the register and fled with cash.

Here’s video of the whole thing:

Police describe the suspect as follows: “White male, 30 years-of-age, 5’8″-5’9″, thin to medium build, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with logos on the front and back, black Adidas sweatpants with white colored tri-stripes down the sides of both legs, and bright yellow or green colored sneakers.”

If you see him, call 911.